Sunday, 22 July 2012

Blogging the agenda: agenda-ing the blog

I have been writing in a variety of fora for quite some time now but this blog is a new venture for me. It will be as much a scrap book of current interests as anything else. I have felt for some time the need to find a place where I can breathe a little, beyond the constraints which are placed on one by expectations professional or otherwise.

I am not drawing up anything as crude as a manifesto; I am simply wondering if I can recapture here the space, life and curiosity I recently felt standing on the banks of a Norwegian fjord in the broad daylight of a late evening in mid-summer. It was the kind of moment which recalls one to oneself, to the best of the things one has learnt and which lie in a jumble beneath the ashes of the daily grind.

Well, I can try ...

Welcome, reader!

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